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FIMA lawyers are a law firm with headquarters in Cuernavaca, Morelos, dedicated to the patronage and advice on issues, criminal, labor, fiscal, administrative, agricultural, commercial , and everything related to private law and public law at all three levels civilian Government, as well as the private and public international in the different legal systems. FIMA Abogados represents a professional concept, and with the best trained personnel with the highest honors to face any trial, in addition to having the most up-to-date in Law; Dispute settlement in the different jurisdiction systems, including international jurisdictions.

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In 1999, FIMA Abogados was born made up of a lawyer and professional lawyers with certified specialties in various areas of law. Today, the firm has accumulated a long history of experience, success and dynamism, participating in the representation of legal matters of national importance and consolidating the trust of its very diverse clients.


The firm has offices in the city of Cueranavaca, but provides services in various parts of the country and abroad, due to the commercial relationships of its clients. Business growth and globalization have driven us to provide our clients with comprehensive legal services, with a constant improvement in quality and with very high success rates in the legal representation and defense of their interests and their businesses.

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If required by a lawyer, he or she can be the one to attend you .

Experience and Service

Throughout almost 21 years of accumulated experience of the partners, the firm has represented and defended the interests of its clients in the different Courts of the country and abroad, both judicial and arbitration processes.

We have participated in Courts of the common and federal jurisdiction, representing in some cases State and Municipal Governments and in others individuals. We have advised government bodies at all three levels, as well as Mexican companies in the country and abroad.


FIMA lawyers are always in constant training in the various areas of law. It is of great importance the preparation for us that several of the lawyers that make up FIMA have doctorates and are even part of universities as teachers for the training of future generations.

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