The dynamics of this new globalized world has resulted in the emergence of new legal structures that give full guarantee to the parties that they fulfill their obligations and, where appropriate, the best protection in the event of litigation.

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It is fundamentally in the proper prevention. Our experience will give you the security and tranquility you need, anticipating all possible scenarios.

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For this reason, FIMA Abogados wants to provide you with the appropriate advice for the solid construction of your contracts, giving you the greatest certainty of compliance through fast-track solutions.

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We have experience in litigation derived from commercial practice, including judicial or extrajudicial recovery of titles and credit contracts; lawsuits derived from securities and credit securities, such as bank acceptances, financial promissory notes, obligations, certificates of participation, whether ordinary, real estate or housing; litigation related to the execution or termination of all types of commercial contracts and agreements.

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Among the services we offer in this branch, are among others, the following:

  • Validity, Interpretation and Execution of Commercial Contracts

  • Conflict between shareholders and Corporate Groups

  • Titles and Credit Operations

  • Insurance and sureties, among others

  • Trusts

  • Mercantile Oral Trial

  • Mercantile Executive Judgment

  • Compliance with commercial contracts

  • Preparatory means in commercial judgment, etc.

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