Are you looking for a civil lawyer? At FIMA Abogados we know that in a world of contractual relationships, special attention must be paid to civil law, which is why we have specialized in matters.

To cite some litigation, we have represented clients in the demand for the fulfillment of contracts, payment of damages, constitution of rights, among others.

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FIMA Abogados, provides preventive and corrective assistance in all kinds of personal or patrimonial, voluntary or compulsory legal relationships, between individuals or with public entities, governed under the scope of Civil Law.

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Among the preventive services we can catalog, among others, the following:

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  • Analysis and preparation of contracts

  • Sale, Lease, Assignment, Donation, Mutual, Mortgage, Trust, Deposit, Provision of Services, etc.

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Regarding some of the corrective services, there are those listed below:

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  • Ordinary Civil Trial

  • Civil Summary Judgment

  • Executive Judgment

  • Mortgage's trial

  • Lease Judgment

  • Claiming lawsuit

  • Obligations in General, etc.

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Lawsuits related to:

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  • Interpretation and Compliance of Contracts in Civil Matters

  • Collective Actions

  • Credits

  • Mortgages

  • Real Estate Leasing

  • Provision of Services

  • Claim of damages

  • Moral damage

  • Successions

  • Civil liability

  • Rights of Individuals, among others

  • Real Estate Controversies and Homologation, execution or challenge of judgments issued abroad.

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We invite you to contact us or visit us in our offices to provide you with complete and specialized advice.

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